Our Story

We believe that Legacy hotels are synonymous with not just remarkable levels of service and hospitality but also the style of deliverance of our services. All the comforts provided to our guests help us in creating a wonderful experience for the duration of their stay. We like to deliver with gusto so that we can maintain our position as a front runner in the hospitality industry and also to maintain the same in the future.

Our hotels are service oriented, responsible, socially conscious and centrally located. We like to maintain a modern yet friendly attitude to add some old world charm of hospitality. Our “Yes we can” style of doing things aims to provide the optimum comfort, luxury and service to our guests. Your wish is our command, quite literally provided the demands are capable of being fulfilled. Our guests and their comfort is our only concern, therefore our hotel policies are designed in a manner that is customer oriented.

Our staff through their positive and professional attitude helps us in upholding our policy of helping the guests have a wonderful experience. Every member of our team knows how important their role is, and hence plays it with utmost enthusiasm and dedication. We understand that all guests have different needs and we promise to do everything in our power to cater to their needs. Our understanding, energetic, creative and empathetic team can cater adequately to the needs of the modern traveler. We don’t like to give our guests a chance to complain about the services provided and therefore take exceptional care while delivering our services.

Given the central location and the world-class facilities offered, Legacy hotels is a good choice for organizing seminars and conferences.

Our hotel rooms are fully equipped with all the essential modern equipment; the cafes and restaurants in the hotel will serve up food that will tickle your taste buds. You can even make online reservations well in advance to avail our special packages and discounts. Everything you need is at your disposal and our staff will be more than happy to assist you with anything that you will require.
Hope you enjoy your stay with us!